Soda City FC Women

Soda City FC Women is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the development of women’s soccer in Columbia and surrounding areas region. In addition to entering the Women’s Premier Soccer League(“WPSL”), our primary objective is to provide an opportunity for young women to grow and develop into talented and dynamic athletes and to equip them with the necessary tools to excel in both soccer and life. By establishing a strong and dependable foundation, we aim to provide our more experienced athletes with a competitive environment where they can continue to flourish and advance the sport of women’s soccer. 

Soda City FC Women consists of a talented core of experienced and highly skilled players who have competed competitively in youth clubs and college teams. Our players range in age from 16 years to up to 30+, and include current college, and post-college. With both veterans and young talent, it is our goal to continue to establish our team as competitive as possible for years to come. 

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